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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 4, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> a powerful alliance ash the united states and south korea show off their joint -- alliance, the united states and south korea show off their joint military force. hello and welcome to al jazeera, live from doha. these are the other top stories. political battles in koran as the president accuses the parliamentary speaker of corruption. -- in here and -- in iran as the president accuses the parliamentary speaker and his brother of corruption. researchers say they have found
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the remains of england's infamous richard iii. tension is growing on the korean peninsula. in south korea, the president has called for preparations against a threatened nuclear test by north korea. south korea has also started a joint military exercise with the u.s. navy. the drills are being conducted off of south korea's east coast. we have more from seoul. it is an exercise that has been months in the planning. -- >> it is an exercise that has been months in the planning. a third nuclear test could lead the us and south korea to plan for a preemptive strike against the north in the future to prevent a nuclear missile launch. >> the us will have a nuclear submarine around the korean coast. the nuclear power can be deployed to korea.
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if the us and korea want, they will pre-empt, attack preemptively any time. >> they released footage of the president being briefed by security staff. >> north korea should pay the price for its provocation. we will recommend sanctions with practical effect. >> what was interesting was the wording, an explicit promise to carry out direct actions against north korea as part of the sanctions, a little more than a week after north korea said it would take strong, physical countermeasures against the south if it did so. it is very publicly responding to that challenge. from beijing, north korea's traded ally, kaman now familiar set of words -- north korea's frustrated ally, came a now
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familiar set of words. >> we hope both sides can do more to ease the situation. >> all this said day after north korea announced that kim jong-un had made a rare decision. all-digital eyes are on the remote mountain range in the northeast of his country, where south korean media reported a delegation of officials had been observed. >> after some of the worst fighting in years in myanmar, kachin rebels are being held in a town on the chinese border. myanmar's military has been using fighter jets, helicopter gunships, and artillery to seize rebel outposts. security forces in mali have captured a top rebel commander. government forces say mohamed moussa ag mouhamed was caught near the new border -- near the border. last week, french and malian
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troops regained control of three cities that had been held by al qaeda-linked fighters. the french air force is continuing its campaign in northern mali. we have the latest from the capital, bamako. >> the french have been carrying out more airstrikes against kidal in the northeast of mali and also a nearby town. they are targeting fuel storage , arms caches, and training bases. it seems as though this military campaign against al qaeda- linked rebels is moving into a different stage. we have followed the military offensive on the ground, traditional, armored columns moving north, capturing various towns, the city of timbuktu. now it is desert and mountains. the population centers are smaller and more spaced out.
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it is an area where the remaining rebel elements appear to be holed up. it seems the french are trying to cut off their supply route, put them in a position where they cannot survive there. that there is the proximity of the long algerian border and the possibility the rebels could simply disappear over the border in order to regroup and come back at a later stage. >> a political rallies brewing inside of iran. mahmoud ahmadinejad is accusing the speaker of parliament passed family of corruption. -- speaker of parliament aust family of -- speaker of parliament's family of corruption. lairijani as seen as a possible front-runner in the presidential election. it was during this impeachment hearing that mahmoud allen
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didn't jot -- mahmoud mcdonough jot -- mahmoud ahmadinejad accused fazel larijani of corruption. they are one of the most powerful and influential political families. mahmoud ahmadinejad pulled out an audio recording. in the recording, ahmadinejad says one of his associates, saeed mortazavi, is speaking with fazel larijani. larijani implies that he can use his connections and family -- and political standing for financial gain. there has been a lot of reaction from parliamentarians. they have accused the president of asking -- acting in a manner not befitting of his post. allele larry johnny says if he has -- ali larijani says accusation should be made at
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the appropriate time, not in the middle of an impeachment hearing in parliament. he accused the president of acting in a manner not befitting to his post and of having bad manners. his brother, fazel larijani, the man accused of the corruption, is threatening to sue the president and saeed mortazavi -. he accuses the inner circle of mafia-like behavior. >> serious has warned that israel will regret it airstrike -- syria has warned that israel will regret it airstrike -- it's airstrike. bashar all assad accused israel of trying to destabilize -- basher al-assad -- bashar al-a ssad accused israel of trying to do stabilize his country. --
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destabilize his country. it was the first city taken by this -- the free syrian army. since then, the troops have taken control over most of the town. in iraq, the latest suicide bomb attack has killed at least ofur -- four people and injured another 21. the bomb victims were collecting their paychecks. it is the seven suicide bombing in the last month. british scientists are announcing the results of tests on a skeleton thought to be that of king richard iii. richard was immortalized in the play by william shakespeare. he was portrayed as a hunchbacked usurper who had his two young nephews murdered. the skeleton was found anything car park -- benny carpark hash benny -- beneeaath a carp park.
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here is how it was announced a few minutes ago. >> i can now tell you there is a dna match between the maternal dna from the descendent of the family of richard iii and the skeletal remains we found at the estate. in short, the dna evidence points to these remains being that of richard iii. >> let's go to london and speak to al jazeera. how and why did the scientists carry out these tests think that could be the skeleton of richard iii? >> it has been anymore -- an amazing piece of his tour ago detective work. the stories get -- go back 500 years. his body was slung over a horse from the bladder field -- from
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the battlefield, taken back to what became the city of leister -- leicester. there are all sorts of speculation about whether his body had been slung into a river by his enemies or whether it had been buried under a church. that is long since gone. it is now the social services, the local social services carpark. historians believe that there was this possibility that his skeleton may still be there. they started to excavate about a year ago. they have employed all the modern techniques that we are used to seeing in television dramas these days -- forensics, dna, carbon dating, and other ways in which they can establish that they have got their man, as it were. and they found a skeleton.
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they found the school. they found the injuries. they were able to determine what kind of weapons inflicted those injuries, when they were inflicted, before or after death. crucially, they have announced the dna tests that went back 17 generations from richard's sister, to a canadian living in london -- they found a match beyond reasonable doubt. what will happen now is that richard will be buried -- his remains will be buried in the ester.ral in leic that is where he died and that is where his remains will be laid to rest. the last english king to die in battle. >> the latest on the revelations that around 400 football matches across europe were fixed.
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an american football fans had been left in the dark during the biggest game of the season, the super bowl. >> good to have you with us. south korea has started a joint military exercise with the u.s. navy as a warning to north
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korea to not conduct a third nuclear test. the secretary of iran's supreme national security council has warned israel with regard to its airstrike on syrian territory. security forces in mali have captured a senior figure. mohamed moussa ag mouhamed was stopped near the algerian border. fidel castro has made a rare public appearance in cuba. the former leader of the cuban revolution has been voting in national assembly elections. riddick's say they are not democratic because only candidates from the -- critics say they are not democratic because only candidates from the communist artie can run. >> -- communist party can run. >> history proved it. 50 years of the blockade and they have not been successful. >> we have more from the cuban capital, havana. >> this -- he is 75 years old.
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on sunday, he wanted to cast his ballot early in the morning. he says the elections in cuba are an important part of holding up the revolution. >> i remember well the days of capitalism, how rough it was for us. there was no mercy. the revolution has given me everything. >> cubans headed to the polls to vote for provincial delegates and to approve the new national assembly. it is the country's main legislative body. it has 612 seats. the process began last year when cubans had their only chance to choose between candidates. the ruling party later narrowed down the list from 15,000 to 612. the assembly will convene on february 24 and is expected to rename fidel castro as president.
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the legislators are younger. they are--there are now more women and cubans of african descent. the old guard continues to hold onto power. rude -- raul powell -- raul and fidel castro will remain part of government. roll castro has taken steps to stabilize the economy -- raul castro has taken steps to stabilize the economy. many cubans say political reform is badly needed. >> these are not democratic elections. for me, democracy is like when you go and vote for president like chavez. you have many political parties and you push for the change you want in the country. >> for now, the government insists that the one-party system will remain intact with
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the communist party alone responsible for guiding the politics. what impact the assembly will have in the years ahead is yet to be seen. >> the baltimore ravens have won the super bowl for the second championship title. ravens fans celebrated in baltimore into the early hours after their team beat this entrant cisco 49ers before-31 -- the san francisco 49ers 34-31. there was a power outage for about half an hour. the biggest game of the season was staged in new orleans in the saints -- same stadium which housed thousands seeking shelter from hurricane katrina in 2005. >> it was a game that came down to the last two minutes. ravens were walking away with the first half.
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then there was a half-time break and a 35-minute power outage. then the 49ers seemed to send a new team back out on the field. this was the battle of brothers -- john harbaugh and jim harbaugh. in the end, the baltimore ravens won by 3 points, 34-31. this was the first opportunity to showcase new orleans since 2005, when hurricane katrina wiped out much of this town, putting it under 16 inches of water. since then, the cut -- the city put $336 million into the superdome. more people have come back after leaving following hurricane katrina. the winners on the field might have been the baltimore ravens. outside the field, it was new orleans. >> some football news. in the last hour or so, european police confirm that over 380 matches across the continent were fixed. for more on this, we can't speak to our correspondent in
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london. what more can you tell us -- we can speak to our correspondent in london. what more can you tell us? >> it is the biggest investigation into max -- match fixing. this is about matches across europe. across 15 countries. what we don't know is which matches were involved. international qualifiers, world level, champions league matches. we do not know the specific matches. there is a legal reason for that. these matches are suspicious. there is no absolute proof yet. this has been an 18-month investigation from euro poll. there are many figures involved. not just club officials, but players, and the criminals themselves. more information on this will
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come out. for now, very worrying. >> thank you. britain's biggest police force is investigating whether undercover detectives stole the identity of dead children. london's metropolitan police used the names to issue fake documents for officers. parents were never informed of the practice involving 80 children and dating back nearly 40 years. britain's metropolitan police has issued a statement which says a formal complaint is being investigated. it says, the practice referred to is not something that would currently be authorized by the metropolitan police service. one of the journalists at the guardian newspaper expose the story. he tells us about scotland yard's reaction to the report. >> they immediately launched an investigation when they became
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aware that we knew of the practice. that investigation is ongoing. they have told us that this practice is not currently authorized. if we take that statement at face value, it means currently police are not using the identities of dead babies for undercover police officers in this way. i don't think that detracts from the controversy. there will be many families who will want to know and, arguably, have a right to know that the identities of their dead children have been used in this way. one important question for the metropolitan police is whether it has an obligation to contact the individuals concerned and to let these families know what has happened and why. is to beia's late king cremated at an elaborate ceremony. we have more from the cambodian capital. >> dignitaries and officials have been arriving for the last hour and a half for the elaborate ceremony.
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it will unfold over the next couple of hours. there will be a 101 gun salute. later in the week, half of his ashes will be spread in the river. half will be kept near the royal palace. the king meant many things to so many different cambodians you'd even after his death, he has a huge impact and inspiration on his life -- so many different cambodians. even after his death, he has a huge impact and inspiration on his life. he was born in 1970, just as the war started to spill over into his world. channeling the emotion of his and his country's most difficult period, he is one of their contemporary artists. he uses photos, scraps of clothing, and paper to tell the story of his life and the struggles of the country he loves dearly. >> i can connect and spread my creativity to show what happened.
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i use material. this is very important, to show the time. >> the death of the former -- since the death of the former king, hundreds of thousands have come to the capital to pay their respects. the king is seen as the strongest unifying force in the country. he is being honored in a unique, artistic way -- in a unique artistic way. >> he was an inspiration for his past. for months, he collected incense wrappers discarded at the shrines around the royal palace, using them as a campus for his memorial portrait of the king -- canvas for his memorial portrait of the king. how do you view the future of cambodia? >> i respect the old culture. but also, i am new, too. it is very important to connect
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from the old, the very beautiful culture from before, and to join with what i'm doing now. >> that message is inspired by his cane and country -- cain and country, but is not solely directed at cambodia's youth -- his king and country, but is not solely directed at cambodia's youth. and it has been more than two weeks since the government of pakistan -- >> it has been more than two weeks since the government of pakistan imposed direct rule on baluchistan pro vince. quetta -- our correspondent has to see if it has made any difference. >> it is a paramilitary force,
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responsible for securing the city from the many threats it faces -- sectarian violence, the pakistani taliban. it is a tough job. checkpoints have been targeted. bomb blasts are common. understanding the threat is crucial if pakistan is to secure the province. >> it is simple if it has been -- it would be simple if it would be tackled properly. unfortunately, we have seen in recent years, in the past decade -- we have not seen much instance of involvement of federal government to reveal -- to resolve these issues. >> in january, the government -- government-reuule was announced. they are hoping to better control security. for the market traders, it has made a difference.
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>> i warned them -- i want them to stay. we need to security that only the army and central government can provide. >> that continued government rule is unlikely. it is simply too political. the government is only mandated to rule for another two months. by then, there will be a election -- they will be in election mode. security will be one of the big voting issues. but security will not be the only issue. the province is a mix of tribal, ethnic, and sectarian authorities -- loyalties. imran khan, al jazeera. >> a world's largest annual mass migration of people is underway in china -- the world 's largest annual mass migration of people is underway
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in china. many of them are passing through beijing. it is the world's busiest train station. us police have charged an iraq war veteran with the murder of a former navy seal sniper. chris kyle was famous as a man whose shooting skills had saved lives. and a friend were found shot dead at a texas hunting club -- he and a friend were found shot dead at a texas hunting club. you met he shot dead at least 160 people -- >> he shot dead at least 160 people. >> every person i killed, they were actively trying to kill americans, allies, or civilians. >> he and his friend were shot dead. the man accused of killing him, had arrived at the shooting range with the victims. routh served with the koreans from 2006 to 2010 and was
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awarded several medals, including one for good conduct. >> around 5 p.m. -- 5:00 p.m., they came across the victims and saw they looked like they had been shot. they were not conscious. they called the lodge -- they went to the lodge and called 911. >> routh a be suffering psychological problems related to his time in the us military -- routh may be suffering psychological problems related to his time in the us military. he drove to his sisters house and confessed. >> he was apprehended without any scuffle. -- ky'le's times was spent reviving cover. there was a bounty on his head worth tens of thousands of dollars.
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>> if i could figure out the number of people i saved, that is something i would brag about. >> a website posting said that he had been working as a volunteer to help those who had been suffering from posttraumatic stress. posttraumatic stress.
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